Think Further by Fred Alger Management

NEW YORK, September 29, 2015 – Fred Alger Management, Inc., a leading asset management firm with approximately $22.8B in assets under management, today announced the continuation of its “Think Further” brand campaign featuring the “Conversations with Tomorrow” film series. The campaign first launched in October 2014 to celebrate Alger’s 50th anniversary and encourage viewers to think critically about the innovations impacting major growth sectors, just as Alger’s analysts do when assessing companies and industry trends.
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Courtesy of Financial Technologies via Flickr

Bill Marcus speaks with Michael Kitces about financial services that are primed for disruption. Technology is starting to permeate into the financial services space and make us recognize that there’s so much that we used to do manually.

Kuraymat Solar Plant Courtesy of Green Prophet via Flickr

Bill Marcus sits down with futurist Brian Wang to discuss technological disruption and its effects on the fields of energy, internet infrastructure, climate change and poverty.

Horst Jens via Flickr

Bill Marcus and Dana Blouin discuss how the Internet of Things will change the lives of millions in the next 10 years.