If your mobile device gets hacked you lose data. If your smart car is the target? You could lose your life.

(GEARBRAIN) 1. If your car seems to be operating with a mind of its own — windows roll up or down electronics acting on their own, or someone else seems to be steering, turn the car off immediately. Call AAA or another service group to have them towed the car back to the dealer, experts say. Do not drive your car to the dealer on your own.

2. Just like your computer, keep up to date with firmware upgrades and download when they’re needed, says Tyler Moffitt, a senior threat research analyst at Webroot, an Internet security firm. Owners of vulnerable cars (see: Is Your Car Vulnerable to a Hack?) should go to the site driveuconnect where they also will find a handy instructional video. Your dealer can do that, too.

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