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(HONG KONG, SHANGHAI, BEIJING) JULY, AUGUST, 2008 - China suffocated dissent as Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt broke records to make the Beijing Olympics one of the greatest spectacles of the summer of 2008.

Bill Marcus covered the 2011 Japanese tsunami, the 2010 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Bill at the Water Cube covering the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Bill’s Demo tape – NPR, Fox News Radio, Marketplace, & The World Bill reporting from Shanghai on American Public Media’s Marketplace and PRI’s  The World   April-May, 2012 Blind Activist […]

We jumped all over the Chinese. Our argument was deceit. Theirs was putting their best face forward.

(SHANGHAI, CHINA) SPRING, 2004 - A new openness has accompanied a locomotive of a economic reform fueled by an endless supply of low-wage labor.

Bill Marcus is a business and technology reporter, a contributor to IDG’s Computerworld, and a host of the Think Further podcasts produced by Fred Alger Management. Based in Boston since early 2014, he covers New England for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation […]

My teaching assistant in the first class I took when I returned to graduate school in the mid-90s, a Chinese woman still grieving her late dad, told me at the time she hoped religion in America would help her. In the end, it didn’t.

The spokeswoman attempted to escape the testy exchange by insisting that others would like to ask questions, but an American reporter came to Mr. Thomson's defense. "I would have liked to hear the answer to that question, and I would have liked to have heard the answer to my question," a freelance reporter for Fox News Radio, William Marcus, shouted.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, AUG 14, 2008 After some fairly standard questions on drug tests, Bill Marcus of Fox Radio News started to read out a series of cases of Chinese citizens who had gone to the police to apply for permits to protest at one of three sites set up for the purpose during the Games and been arrested or harassed.