One of the many graphics from a book of post cards depicting Cultural Revolution art from the 1960s and 1970s. This one depicts Proletarian hero Li Yu He, Shanghai 1970 (Courtesy of Madam Mao’s Dowry, 207 Fumin Rd., Shanghai.)

(SHANGHAI) JUNE, 2013 – “Funny in a way… If you have a dark sense of humor like me.”   Curtis – who had made himself unreachable by phone – was starting up another conversation by email.  Even in person sometimes he wasn’t there.   This time it was about theRead More →

Placards and posters told consumers that they have a right, one of many listed on a translated bill of rights, to have things “their way” and to stand up and fight for that right if they don’t get it.


We’ve taken to speaking their language among ourselves. We call our cell phones shoji, our troubles mafan, our streets lu.

NBC chose to ignore both the story about the first out-Olympian, an Australian diver, and his partner who was in the stands. This, after making a big deal about heterosexual news among the athletes. I got the story from Yahoo and wrote and voiced it for FOX which was more than happy to take it. My first line: NBC PAID 900 MILLION FOR THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO BROADCAST THE BEIJING OLYMPICS BUT THEY COULDN’T AFFORD ONE SECOND FOR TOLERANCE.