(COMPUTERWORLD) JUN 26, 2006 – Although all Chinese nationals officially speak Mandarin, in practice, the local dialects can be mutually unintelligible.

The Albany Times-Union November 25, 2005 A terrible threat from the north By BILL MARCUS SHANGHAI — It was so nice to wake up the other morning and hear the head of the government take full responsibility for the results of an investigation into a scandal that has rocked the nation,Read More →

The Shanghai Daily Shanghai, China Jewish Affinity April 22, 2005 By Bill Marcus My mother had the perfect antidote to unhappiness: Chinese food. Nary a funeral nor a bad day could come between her and Hunan Manor, Tung Sing, Szechuan Palace or any of the seemingly hundreds of Chinese eateriesRead More →

The Oriental Morning Post Shanghai, China July 30, 2004 Crossing the Educational Divide By Bill Marcus As most experts increasingly believe that language and culture and connected, educators and language students are beginning to question the value of segregated language education in a society that is becoming increasingly desegregated, changingRead More →

THE STRAITS TIMES, JUNE 13, 2004 Chinese officials are surprised that some foreigners want to stay in the country…Mr Bill Marcus, a 44-year-old New Yorker teaching English in Shanghai’s Fudan University, said: ‘My Chinese language skills are not up to par here yet.’