The Shanghai Daily Shanghai, China Jewish Affinity April 22, 2005 By Bill Marcus My mother had the perfect antidote to unhappiness: Chinese food. Nary a funeral nor a bad day could come between her and Hunan Manor, Tung Sing, Szechuan Palace or any of the seemingly hundreds of Chinese eateriesRead More →

The Oriental Morning Post Shanghai, China July 30, 2004 Crossing the Educational Divide By Bill Marcus As most experts increasingly believe that language and culture and connected, educators and language students are beginning to question the value of segregated language education in a society that is becoming increasingly desegregated, changingRead More →

THE STRAITS TIMES, JUNE 13, 2004 Chinese officials are surprised that some foreigners want to stay in the country…Mr Bill Marcus, a 44-year-old New Yorker teaching English in Shanghai’s Fudan University, said: ‘My Chinese language skills are not up to par here yet.’

The Oriental Morning Post Shanghai, China A friend’s mother from Holland and a local woman in Laos embrace. By Bill Marcus The Vietnam-era White House never fully debated the policy credited with the Vietnam War, or the bombing of Vietnam’s neighbor Laos. Between 1964 and 1973, American flyers dropped overRead More →

AS many high-school students throughout New York already know, by your 16th birthday you are eligible to obtain a class-six learner’s permit, and consequently a class-six license.

The Sunday Record Troy, NY By Bill Marcus You better love people if you go to China because they are everywhere. A pro-tourism campaign by the Beijing city government asked locals to try not to stare at foreigners but it doesn’t seem to have worked. Many Chinese have never seenRead More →

For Gay People, Out of Sight, Out of Life October 7, 1990 By William L. Marcus After World War II it was no longer acceptable to be anti-Semitic. There is going to be similar upheaval when AIDS is cured. But not right now. Right now lesbian and gay people inRead More →