Two interesting articles on the struggle over what folks think in China. Or, rather, what they say about what they think.

John Lennon once said he was more famous than Jesus. Now, Catholic Online, out of Los Angeles is reporting that among Weibo users in China Jesus is trending better than Mao.

A friend who spent time evangelizing in China during the last decade recalls a meeting with a 90+ year-old survivor of the Cultural Revolution, a devout Catholic. Asked about religion today, the old man, in excellent English would only say "they control....they control."

My teaching assistant in the first class I took when I returned to graduate school in the mid-90s, a Chinese woman still grieving her late dad, told me at the time she hoped religion in America would help her. In the end, it didn’t.

(SHANGHAI, CHINA) September 13, 2011 - Love blooms over free coffee for the 45 to 65 set at Ikea in Shanghai, but management would just like them all to go away.

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